WALL·E ★★★★½

Film #12 of The Movie King's Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Task #10: A film that scares you

Note: it's hard to frighten The Movie King. He's a dude who trusts in God to overcome personal problems. Which is why he believes most horror movies are a waste as they use the lousiest techniques (jumps, gore, found-footage) to attempt to frighten people. But when it comes to the film industry, no other feature has put The Movie King on the edge than this Pixar film WALL-E.

You may be reading this thing, believing that I've gone off my rocker and lost my mind, but after seeing the light after visiting this masterpiece earlier in the year, and visiting it again for this Scavenger Hunt, holy cow, Pixar's got some serious guts!

I'm so serious right now, Pixar has pretty much predicted a disturbing and shocking look at the future of humanity, and by the look at how bad things are going in the world today, we might be heading into the direction WALL-E seems to point. A future where the economy is controlled by one corrupt corporation caring for profit and sales over sustainable energy, completely obliterating the environment and sending all of humanity into space as part of a hidden agenda to brainwash the human race by creating a 100% technology-induced world where no one walks, no one exercises, everyone's a blob, and the robots who do the work are militarized by the sick cousin of HAL-9000! Yeah, pretty freakin scary, right? What impresses me the most about all this is that Pixar doesn't go heavy-handed on the environmental message nor preach about the horrors of technology, even though it's clear that such breakthroughs can lead to destruction if placed in the wrong hands. What this pioneering studio wants us to take from this is to be informed of the problems of society, take part in improving for the greater good, use technology as a way to help society instead of making it worse, and simply enjoy the nature. We've been blessed with a beautiful atmosphere filled with lovely skies, oceans, and trees; don't mess it up!

Besides that scariness, there's also some gorgeous animation, one of the most adorable relationships ever, and some brilliant slapstick comedy that resembles Charlie Chaplin.

If you're reading this Pixar, I beg of you, please, please, please don't recreate the same mistakes with Brave! Don't let big, bad Disney control how you should make your movies! Make another film that defies the boundaries between kids' films and cinematic art; make Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur prove that you were the studio capable of crafting such imaginative works and daring to take risks! WALL-E dared to challenge the future of humanity with a shocking truth, Up took us into the spirit of adventure by taking us into our childlike fantasies, Toy Story made toys come to like, The Incredibles took cartoon superheroes seriously, Finding Nemo tackled single parenting and abandonment while still an imaginative and entertaining adventure, seriously Pixar, get off your lazy butts, get John Lasseter back in the saddle when he has a day off from working at Disney, and make another Oscar-winning masterpiece!


9/10 (near-flawless)

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