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  • Drive



    The real Rush Hour, a Chinese assassin with a bio-device in his chest that makes him even better at martial arts than he already is (Mark Dacascos, chairman of Iron Chef America) betrays the PRC after the Hong Kong handover and runs away to the US to sell his hardware while being pursued by a hillbilly assassin at the direction of an evil tech corporation and crashes into the tumultuous life of down on his luck rapper (Kadeem Hardison) and…

  • Her Man

    Her Man


    love written in the sand will wash away, but a barroom brawl can make it forever

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  • Relaxer



    1. In 1999 I was 14 years old and spent a lot of time in suburban basements playing N64. The impending Y2K apocalypse was not a major concern for me though a general sense of paranoia at that time was palpable: I used to watch wrestling tapes with a kid named Drew whose father worked at Dominick’s as a “Y2K Quality Assurance Manager” and I’m still wondering what does that mean and why did he need a business card? Did…

  • Heat



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