The Masque of the Red Death

The Masque of the Red Death ★★★★★

Death crashing all my parties has not in fact taught me to stop having them but to party harder and to ask: does everyone just not like Adrew wk anymore and what happened to his show? Doesn't seem like he's done anything particularly awful according to the wiki, maybe those were just his 15 mins? (Now I am thinking of Jamie Lee Curtis's awesome crowd surfing scene in Freaky those 2 songs sound a bit alike.)

I can sort of relate to people just saying well fuck it, I kind of feel like doing the same thing most days. (Only I guess my version of plague carousing is like...buying vhs tapes to ship to my home and watching Gidget while eating those Gel cup things, red food coloring probably isn't all that bad for you anyway!) Plenty of that here (red food coloring...or possibly cherry kool aid)?Techicolor cherry kool aid! That's the hair color I want.

Then, It's the part at the end of Skinny Puppy's Assimilate where he's just croak yelling death over and over. If performance art were set to that song.

This is # 195.

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