Carmilla ★★★

For reasons I am not comfortable discussing here, the possibility that there is any narrative in which the two vampire lovers (the only version of this story I have not seen for those of u not clued in to there being five-eight depending on who you ask) can just run off into the night has long since been extinguished. My bf says everyone just uses that dumb flame emoticon for literally everything now but I do not believe him!

Look this has Meg Tilly in it. Meg Tilly. Meg Tilly. Ione Skye is fine as well as sort of the victorian vampire version of Diane Court.

I think I'm obsessed with Meg Tilly now.

I really try and watch movies every night and then some days I run out of pie and am sad and I'm like 'time to reread all my Judy Blume' and it does not happen. And I spend those days wondering who on earth is like that eager to get their periods. I ask you. I was more in line with Catherine Dollanganger who asks her mother if she can give her uterus back and not ever get it because she's going to be a dancer and doesn't need to mess with all that baby nonsense anyway, and my eleven year old self stood up and cheered.

Amanda Palmer said this kinda dumb thing about how if there was no Judy Blume there would only be L.M. Montgomery because sure put down women writers who, within their own historical context, were actually pretty progressive like went to college and wrote books progressive. I can love both equally. But NOT Amanda Palmer who deeply annoys me tho I like some of her music.

Anyway. I would probably consider Nadja a loose interpretation of Camilla over Let the Right One In.

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