The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★½

Decided to not flag this as spoilers 'cause I wanna say one thing to those who are considering watching it: GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL DANISH MOVIE DEN SKYLDIGE (2018) FIRST/INSTEAD!

Now, on to the spoilers, so DO NOT read this if you haven't seen it:

The movie's nowhere near bad of course, the story made sure of it, but it just doesn't do much for you if you've seen the original (especially if you saw it a week ago and gave it 5 stars, as is my case). I'm not against changes, especially since the original is so fresh in my memory and I wanted to be somewhat surprised, but the small changes they made - well, I don't know if they made it worse, but they certainly didn't make it better.
I liked how the original ending was a bit unresolved. His co-workers overheard his last conversation with the lady, so we can never know if he would've confessed at the trial otherwise. He goes to make a phone call and we can assume it's about the confession, but you can't be 100% sure. Here, I'm not sure if we're supposed to assume that his superior heard the entire conversation? If she did, who responds to finding out your colleague killed an unarmed boy with "Broken people save broken people"?! That line REALLY bugged me.
And in relation to that, I feel like they made him more unlikeable throughout the movie, and then, for some reason, tried so hard to make us pity him in the end. I feel like the original did the opposite: I felt for him for the most part, while in the end I was completely unsympathetic. I definitely preferred it that way. When I heard of an American remake, I thought it would benefit from their perspective of police brutality, but they didn't go in that direction at all.
Also don't understand why they made the child survive. I'm not a psychopath, I'm just wondering why the father didn't check for his pulse. He was able to pull himself together enough to drive his ex across the city and talk to a 911 operator, but not to check if the child was still alive? Hard to believe, but ok.

All in all, this just didn't blow me away in a way Den skyldige did, and I'm sure that's partially my fault since I watched it so soon after, but it's also simply because great European films do NOT need American remakes. (Though I probably wouldn't have heard of the original otherwise, unfortunately.)

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