Moxie ★★★★

Firstly, thanks Amy Pohler, but secondly, how amazing it was to watch something so real. I spent the whole movie remembering two old directors that I had, one who thought bullying was just a joke, even if the next day you arrived full of bruises, and another, who refused to fire a teacher who harassed all the students, it was necessary the Tutelary Council appears, due to a report, then he was forcibly fired, and the principal unfortunately came to blame us for he being a harasser, and that he should not be fired. The trophy part also reminded me of certain moments that I saw.
It was amazing, I loved watching this movie, despite the fact that it reminded me of so many things.
Moxie is about empowerment, equality, justice and feminism. In fact I hope that several students who are still in high school, watch this film and see the importance of it, and that they stay alert, and remember that unfortunately some students will be able to study with a student who will harass you. It’s horrible to think about this possibility, but it’s true.
This film sends an incredible message, it is so beautiful, exciting, realistic and with great characters. I loved this movie so much, I'm feeling a lot of emotions right now, it's impressive.

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