The Descent

The Descent ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Nice tension and I was never bored. Almost didn't need the creatures even though I get/didn't mind their inclusion.
Less a fan of its psychological aspects: The duality/opposition between the two main female characters (Sarah and her friend Juno) could have been executed better, especially without resorting to the heroine condemning her friend to die after it is revealed that treacherous friend was having an affair with her husband before he tragically died.
The conflict was already there between the two without resorting to that plot point. (Juno accidentally injuring Beth and then abandoning her to her death for ex).
Still, liked how both women are seen at various points almost as menacing as the creatures, through their will to survive and/or getting revenge/getting over their trauma.
As always, I wished it all worked out and characters redeemed themselves for their mistakes. But I understand that's not the point of a hopeless, cruel and well made horror flick...Happy Halloween! 🎃

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