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This review may contain spoilers.

Yep, this was certainly the most ridiculously entertaining Japanese Soap Opera I've seen since Hana Yori Dango :p (It's kinda condensed like a mini series so it makes sense!)

Loses a little of its momentum in the 4th Chapter but despite that for me, all the praise here is legit. It's 4 hour long and it's never boring. It mixes many genres/sub-genres and themes in a natural way.
It's crazy, over the top, sometimes cringe (intentionally so and that can be hit or miss) but also genuinely moving when it wants to. The characters are memorable. So is the score.
The super romantic ending SLAPS and I have a new favorite hand holding shot. And we all know how important that is. 😌
Below the surface of the guilty pleasure aspect of its tropes/plot, (just read the no spoiler plot synopsis) it actually does deal with sexual pleasure and guilt SEE WHAT I DID THERE 😅 and says something about love, sex, abuse, hypocrisy, religion, crazy cults and what it "means" to be a good or bad person, among all the crazy shenanigans.
Also everyone naturally has amazing Kung Fu moves.
You all have already listed all the things this movie has that are worth listing but let me add this since I didn't see it:
Also counts as the second movie I know that uses Corinthians XIII perfectly after A Walk to Remember (yeah AWtR only uses part of it but it still counts don't @ me)

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