Raw ★★★★½

I found Raw to be a thoughtful, captivating, and at times horrific exploration of growing up and self-acceptance. In this way it has the bones of a “coming-to-age” story, but Raw is different from the typical films of that genre; rather than ending on a heartwarming note, Raw tells us that true self-acceptance can come at a cruel price. A movie that came to mind while I was watching Raw, interestingly, was Bride of Frankenstein. In both, the main character is going through a transformation, trying to understand him/herself, saying, “I didn’t ask to be born this way, but I may be rejected by society for just being who I am.” With that I sensed some parallels to the struggles of LGBT+ teens in bigoted families or in society as a whole (notwithstanding the fact that homosexuality harms no one but eating people alive is objectively bad). Raw is overall an extremely thoughtful film that left me ruminating for a few days, which I love.