Seaspiracy ★★★★½

Before watching this, I would consider myself as ignorant, stubborn, clueless about this important issue. It’s not that I never knew about all of this, it’s all of the selfishness we humans carry it in ourselves that automatically ignore these things, or gets carried away when other day-to-day problems occur in our everyday lives. In short, I honestly never CARED! Additionally, I’m usually not the type to just follow. However, it is crucial to have knowledge about this topic. It is sincerely eye-opening how Ali Tabrizi shows us the most simple, and self-explanatory answer to this solution, and people are still going to be blinded by these facts and keep ignoring them, both willingly and unwillingly. Personally, I love fish, but I will CERTAINLY consider eating less fish, and start to try more plant-based food. This documentary changed my mindset about ocean life so much. 

Please try to watch this with an open-mind if you feel you are like me. This might be the best documentary you will ever see. The truth is right in front of us.

Also... fuck these boycott companies which people keep donating to where they think they are helping but they are literally not doing SHIT! It’s all showbusiness and hypocrisy!!!

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