MarcosNavarro has written 7 reviews for films rated ★★★½ .

  • American Gangster

    American Gangster


    I understand why people say this is underrated and also why it’s been kind of forgotten amongst Scott’s films. It’s 2.75 hours of phenomenal build up for a lackluster conclusion that comes and goes too quickly.

  • Killing Them Softly

    Killing Them Softly


    Really enjoyed this. Reminded me of gritty 70s crime dramas that weren’t trying to win Oscars, but just be well made, interesting, and trying to say something important about current events. I’ll probably be returning to scenes of this movie rather than the entire thing, which is a good & bad thing I think.

  • High Flying Bird

    High Flying Bird


    Pretty astounding what they accomplish on an iPhone 8. Such a refreshing and educational experience for what you can do with limitations and creativity.

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    Pretty good movie. Pretty hilarious ADR of Marlowe mumbling sweet nothings under his breath. Also, surprise Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  • Creed II

    Creed II


    Was a bit worried since Coogler didn’t return to direct, but I enjoyed this! The second half is considerably better than the first due to some exposition problems resulting in some not great dialogue, but it pulled me in in the second half with a classic emotional Rocky finish. Overall, solid addition to the franchise.

  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


    This was a “great hang.” Definitely had it’s funny & charming moments, but I feel like I am supposed to like it more than I did.

  • Italianamerican



    #22 Documentary