Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★½

What a bad, weird, genuinely interrogative, imaginative, scattershot, unwiedly, wholly determined shitshow. the Stuffy antiseptic pholosophical questions of Snyder’s Superman which murdered MAN OF STEEL with its deadened, total lack of variety or grace or inspiration...well, BVS at least has variety. Also so much plot, so much retconning and left field subplots and divergences and so much pop imagery. The dourness combines with the sort of glee of a modern comic book, where it’s all plot and skewed caricatures with no basis in legality, let alone morality. Democracy is dead and fascism might not be up to take the throne and the movie is so messy that it just ends up in a murky, trite, ugly but numbing climax. Also, Snyder has a deeply and almost asexually sexist worldview, not to mention the idolization of the male body coupled with this totallly sour gay panic, which is just exhausting more than anything else. There’s too much story and Snyder’s not a good enough dramatist, and yet none of the films plentiful, beautiful moments have enough unless stringed together, and by being poorly stringed together it forms dissonant chords of political discontent, an aesthetic and culture Armageddon. After society falls, do we have to build a new Universe? Should we try? Or is this it?

...still not v good imo

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