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  • Tomboy



    Gorgeous. How you cast and direct that, with the unfussy (on the surface) realism is quite a feat. I'm impressed with how deeply relatable it was despite not having this experience. To regard the children so fully - I'm not sure I've seen a film that has done this before truly wonderfully realised.

    Would make a great pairing with Saint Frances

  • The Deer

    The Deer


    Scratchy, very patchy subtitles - but I enjoyed that. There was a disarming sincerity in the male leads, often felt like they were on the cusp of crying in every scene. Faramarz Gharibian is so watchable. Seething social commentary; no pretence in that whatsoever.

    *In as close to its original format before the censorship and eventual ban

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  • You, the Living

    You, the Living



    Particularly struck with how Roy's compositions contrast so obliquely the delivery and tone of the scenes. You've got flat, monotone line delivery/blocking that's set on unnatural, dramatic angles with a pattern of extreme contrasts in scale. It's quite conniving and appeals to my sensibilities in composition so much. The honeymoon; so ridiculous and surreal but full of sincerity. Very touching.

  • The Naked City

    The Naked City


    That was great, completely different feel to Detour from the other night. More naturalistic (filmed on location added to that), less of the histrionics. The narration had me thinking of old radio shows. Some immense and daring camera work and so modern in the procedural approach.