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  • Rawhide



    Susan Hayward was a fucking badass. Like Stanwyck and Davis level badass. Is there a moment of celluloid that exists where she isn’t equally grounded, confident, sexy and flat-out dominating the frame? I’m a fan of Tyrone Powers, but it’s his female co-star who walks away with this underrated Henry Hathaway western.

    An undoubtedly grittier film than many of the standard, double bill oaters playing on screens at the time, “Rawhide” has no time for frivolous plot threads that don’t…

  • The Dead Are Alive

    The Dead Are Alive


    Doesn’t the idea of an Etruscan burial ground turn you on? Hmmm? Making love in a tomb?

    Solid, sleepy little chiller. Alex Cord (“Chosen Survivors”) is cast as Professor Jason Porter, who is conducting an archeological dig at a remote tomb outside of Rome. After a teen couple are brutally murdered near the site, it becomes apparent there’s a killer on the premises. Although judging by the way the victim's bodies are positioned, could it be the corporeal manifestation of…

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  • The Deadly Spawn

    The Deadly Spawn


    What an imaginative, low budget horror gem. Made with passion and ingenuity, Douglas McKeown's 1983 cult favorite is an easy film to root for.

    Shot on 16 mm for a paltry $25,000, and mounted by a swath of first-timers behind and in front of the camera, you can feel the enthusiasm from the cast and crew leaping off the frame. Cribbing from cinematic influences such as “Alien” and “The Blob”, this is simply pure, lean, beastie feature fun. Shot in…

  • Upgrade



    "Upgrade" is the R-rated, violent, sci-fi actioner you didn't know you wanted in a Summer Movie season filled with sequels, super heroes and female centric comedies.

    Early in the film, a mechanic (Logan Marshall-Green) and his wife are beaten and robbed...leaving her dead and him paralyzed. He agrees to an untested state-of-the-art surgery that implants into him an artificial intelligence called STEM. It allows him to walk again, but it also gives him enhanced abilities. When the A.I. detects a…