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  • Tenet



    What the fuck?!

    My main problem with this profoundly stupid movie is that Nolan shows such a disregard and lack of interest in creating memorable characters with any sort of depth. The script is similar to Inception in that expository dialogue does a lot of the heavy lifting in terms to aiding the audience in understanding and therefore appreciating the heady concepts being explored here. The problem is Tenet, unlike Inception, has such a scatterbrained credo that not even scene…

  • Nobody Knows I'm Here

    Nobody Knows I'm Here


    A very good debut from Gaspar Antillo that is currently available to stream on Netflix. I just wish the relationship between Memo and Marta were more developed and more relevant in Memo’s grappling (or reclamation) of the stardom that was stripped away from him. Jorge Garcia is amazing in this.