Videodrome ★★★½

I didn't know much about this, but had high expectations, which is the worse thing to have going into a movie because if the movie meets them, then it's just like "yeah I expected it to be amazing" and if it fails then it feels worse than if you'd gone in blind.

I found it hard to keep engaged with this movie. I think the pacing or editing could have been better, although it's hard to say how, - it was just hard to focus even with the genuinely interesting and outlandish things going on. Granted, this was my third movie of the day, so maybe that's why.

The effects in this movie are very cool. Even some of the dated ones still look solid and gross, and the aesthetic of the movie overall is pretty great. It has such a coherent look and tone the whole time, which is nice because the story is so weird. I expected more messing with the audience with the hallucinations, but I don't know if that would have been better. I just would expect it from this kind of story. A weird vibe and some fun characters, but not the masterpiece I was expecting. Would watch it again sometime when it wasn't the third movie of the day to see if that changed.