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  • Videodrome


    I didn't know much about this, but had high expectations, which is the worse thing to have going into a movie because if the movie meets them, then it's just like "yeah I expected it to be amazing" and if it fails then it feels worse than if you'd gone in blind.

    I found it hard to keep engaged with this movie. I think the pacing or editing could have been better, although it's hard to say how, - it…

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary

    I'm hung up on the weird way they framed disability in this movie, which just seemed so unthoughtful. It's mean in a completely oblivious way to make Zelda a scary monster when she was just a sick little kid who had an accident and died?? Especially with the "sometimes dead is better" message, it comes off a little bit like "it is better to be dead than disabled/sick".

    This was mostly a boring movie that occasional scenes that were interesting…

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  • This Film Is Not Yet Rated

    This Film Is Not Yet Rated

    I was really looking forward to this, and it was disappointing, but I think because it came out when I was in high school and I didn't see it then. It was a little boring because I mostly know all of this already and some culture war aspects of it are kinda dated. The soundtrack was awful and the animations were also dated.

    I didn't really need the side story of the private investigator, although she was charming and fun.…