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  • Paris, Texas
  • Mommy
  • The Tree of Life
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  • Drive My Car


  • Bergman Island


  • Scenes from a Marriage

  • The Worst Person in the World


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  • Koyaanisqatsi



    We are just so weird aren't we.

    Society, humanity, and humans on a level of reason makes a lot of sense. The way we have evolved and they systems we have built around us to support this evolution all adds up from a technical standpoint. But when viewed objectively, from far away or up close, it is. Just. So. Weird.

    From the clothes we as a society collectively decide as "in", to the cars we drive, and the buildings we…

  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    David Lynch didn't fuck with my mind this time...he fucked with my heart 💔

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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Tiff 2021 #4

    God damn Tiff is popping off this year.

    Drive My Car may be the slowest 3 hour movie I have ever watched but against all odds maybe one of the most engaging (and beautiful).

    It's a character study through and through, one where it let's every scene breath and let's you fill in the spaces in between breaths. But that doesn't mean it has nothing to say. Without a doubt this is one of the best screenplays…

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    Tiff 2021 #3

    "Well you said you wanted to watch one of his nice ones?" *Proceeds to watch Cries and Whispers

    I absolutely enjoyed the Swedish island vibes, the walk and talk dialogue of Bergman Island and the cinematography that captures all of it beautifully.

    I think my favorite aspect though is how Hansen-Løve tells this story. She leads you in thinking it's almost just like going along for a summer tour on Bergman's island but it ends up becoming…

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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Was it a little cheesy, yes. Was it a little overdramatic, definitely. Was the editing a little distracting, yeah.

    Was I engaged and entertained the whole time, you bet.

    The Trail of the Chicago 7 is a very "movie" movie and a crowd pleaser but it never really claims to be anything different. With a screenplay that fires on all cylinders and strong performances all around it is definitely the most gripping and engaging film of the year.

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    I know Eric Andre's job involves him practically trying to get himself killed but this man needs to be protected at all costs.