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  • Cyst



    A mad doctor accidentally creates a giant man eating cyst. This doesn't take itself seriously at all and the gore and effects are well done. it's disgustingly good, splattery fun!

  • El cerro de los dioses

    El cerro de los dioses


    El Cerro De Los Dioses is a fun found footage mockumentary about a conspiracy theory. It's twisted and the themes of cult entwined with adulation are well played out. Its original in it's execution, with the age old dilemma of what you would do for fame & fortune

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  • The Stylist

    The Stylist


    I adored The Stylist. A serial killer story of image, loneliness, needing to belong and her anxiety at coming to terms with what she has become. Its all captured and acted brilliantly, had a lot of empathy for Claire. I've felt the anxiety she felt and it was portrayed so well!

  • Rabid



    A very stylish, bloody, and in your face watch. The
    Soskas have made a vivid body horror that doesn't hold back and on the big screen you're thrown into crunching of bones and ripping of flesh!
    Go check it out!