Tenet ★★★

Tenet is an espionage science fiction film in which Nolan goes into the depths of time like never before, arguably, delivering his most ambitious, yet, confusing film in his entire career. The movie never develops main characters, and they feel like exposition that's detached from the viewers. I was never able to completely immerse myself in the film because of it. In Tenet, we have so many plot beats — time capsule, plutonium, fight against time, the dangers of future etc. It raises so many questions and continues to lift the bar sky-high, but never succeeds to land in a satisfying conclusion.

An overwhelming experience.

Tenet is one of those movies that require multiple viewings if you feel like it, but I doubt it is possible to find any logical answers. Nolan cares about great and original concepts, but in this film he fails to actually put all the pieces together. Visually, the film is impressive and may be one of Nolan's and Hoyte Van Hoytema's best work. The opening sequence is an adrenaline pumping spectacle, and throughout the whole movie, action set pieces are great. Christopher Nolan seems like a great guy and his love and knowledge of cinema hits all-time levels, but I think this is the moment when you start to think, his ego got the best of him.

I guess I see you in the movies

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