Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Wrath of Man is an action thriller directed by Guy Richie and is about a man who wants to avenge his dead son. This is a much different Guy Richie movie. His movies usually have a sense of fun and quirk in them. Not saying that this movie isn’t fun or quirky, because it is, but this movie is also very dark. The themes are darker and the violence is brutal. The action sequences are well handles and surprisingly still have that style Richie is known for. Don’t believe the trailer that made it seem bland. Jason Statham plays himself and is very good at it. He kicks a lot of ass and it’s fun to watch. Yes the plot is recycled to death. This movie also feels a bit too long even though it’s less than two hours long. It has a lot in terms of story and tries to share it all but some of it could’ve been cut out. I still found this movie to be entertaining and if you’re ever bored and/or are a fan of Guy Richie and/or Jason Statham, then this movie is for you. It has violent action which is entertaining but there’s nothing too special about it other than the visual presentation. 
Verdict: B

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