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  • Dune



    I have been critical of Denis Villeneuve in the past - I find his brutalist style stultifying, his characters full of an artificial depth, and his thematic obsessions parochial when it comes to the agency of women - but he was perfect for this film. Why? Because his brutalist style fits the immense scales required in the Dune universe? Because his affectless framing of his cast matches the dry historiography that Dune is at bottom? Because his neurotic impulse to…

  • Aniara


    This is possibly the most depressing and nihilistic film I've ever seen. It literally makes The Turin Horse look like Forrest Gump.

    Here's the thing though: I do believe that past a certain point it is in fact morally wrong to create art that so thoroughly strives to evoke feelings of despair and depression and hopelessness in those who engage with it. At least The Turin Horse is cinematically beautiful. At least, like, Melancholia is funny at points. There really…