Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★½

A Godzilla movie made by the man behind Neon Genesis Evangelion??!! Yes please!

This is a very different kind of Godzilla film. It focuses more on the goverment's response to the threat than on destruction. The movie is mostly dialogue delivered quickly and with intent. The strange camera angles, angelic soundtrack and purposely jarring editing reminded me a lot of Neon Genesis Evangelion with a bit of HBO's Chernobyl.

Godzilla itself is terrifying. He's slow and expressionless. His new design and and constantly vacant stare definitely based on the Frilled Shark (the creepiest fucking shark ever). His atomic breath is quiet, almost silent, but the amount of destruction it causes literally made my jaw drop.

This is the best Godzilla movie. By far.

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