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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • The Haunting
  • Carnival of Souls
  • Thirteen

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  • Perfect Sisters


  • Dave Made a Maze


  • Land of the Dead


  • Red Island

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  • Perfect Sisters

    Perfect Sisters


    Not terrible but I do wonder if it humanised and rationalised the pre planned murder of a woman suffering from depression and alcoholism by her daughters. 
    There was a sense of ‘Heavenly Creatures’ as the sisters jointly imagine a version of the perfect mother creating a better world for themselves, but it was not carried out as good (or elaborately).
    Performance wise, Mira Sorvino does a great job as the broken single mother. Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley also give…

  • Dave Made a Maze

    Dave Made a Maze


    This looks amazing and the story is interesting but I can’t help but feel more time was spent working out how to  make thus aesthetically pleasing than on the actual script it’s self as it all just feels a little lacklustre.

Popular reviews

  • What We Do in the Shadows

    What We Do in the Shadows

    The first time I saw this film was at Celluloid Screams Horror Festival in Sheffield. Unlike the rest of the audience who found the film hysterical, I sat stoney faced throughout. I did not find the film funny or charming or even interesting to watch, truth is I hated it! So when the opportunity arose for me to watch the film in a less social setting I took it. I wanted to see if without the masses around I would…

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    10 Cloverfield Lane is almost everything I wanted it to be. A tense claustrophobic thriller with plenty of well played out twist. 
    The performances are flawless, Winstead is impeccable and fastly becoming one of my favourite actresses. Truth be told though the film belongs to John Goodman who gives one of the most intense performances that cinema has seen in a long time.
    As I said 10 Cloverfield Lane is almost everything I wanted. For me the disappointment when Winstead…