Midsommar ★★★★★

You start off all alone. No one you can turn to that you can call a big cuddly bear to hold and take care of you when you’re filled with so much cold and dread in this crazy life. The snow falls, the dark gets darker. It’s borderline pitch black. There’s no signs of ever crawling away. But then... the sun shines brighter than you could have ever imagined and every flower blossoms with the most colorful shades of pastels your eyes can see. Soon you realize the darkness guided you to the light and the loneness you had sent you to the dancing everglades of joyous company. You found a family that shares your suffering with every last feeling. Midsommar is about the horrors of codependency. Or on relying on fake peers to cradle sympathy. Destiny calls certain people for greatness, Danni and Ari Aster case in point. The last 15 minutes brought me to tears. I never wanna lose this cinematic high. Midsommar Is a horror, absurdly existential masterpiece on every single level. The music will take your ears away just as easy as the visuals will melt your eyes away. Clues are in every frame, walls filled with Easter eggs. Don’t judge the film solely on one watch, loving or hating it. See it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

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