Tenet ★★

"Oh Nolan, what have you done? Where did this all go wrong?" was the first thought that ran through my mind as I finished the most hyped up movie of the year. It really is frustrating to watch that in an attempt to out-Nolan every one of his trope in this movie he sacrificed everything that worked in his favour earlier while hamming up everything that didn't. And while doing so he also sacrificed any genuine connection the audience might have had with his characters, while his earlier movie characters weren't really outstanding they were atleast interesting enough for us to follow their stories but here all the characters serve one and only one purpose, become pawns for his most masturbatory work yet. A work he thinks is so smart that every single dialogue, every cut, every scene is designed very efficiently to basically scream "I'm fucking smart, everybody look at how smart I am". And I can even forgive the self indulgence, but for an action movie that boasts itself as cerebral and thrilling, the worst thing about the movie was the fact that it was mindnumbingly boring. It's strange because the one thing I expected Tenet to be was entertaining, however that was far from the what I witnessed. Oh well, what's happened's happened, I hope he redeems himself and tones himself down a bit for his next project because there are very few directors who have the kind of following he does while also enjoying the studio's backing for each of his crazy ideas.

PS - Hoyte's cinematography was beautiful, Göransson's score equally great (who along with the little role of Rob Pat are the only reason for my rating) but apart from that, it is was a major disappointment.