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  • Critters



    100 Movies Over Summer Break - Movie #44

    Fun creature stuff. Feels like such a movie. Like a get some friends together and some candy and some popcorn and watch this at night movie. Made me feel like a small child again at times.

  • Hostel



    100 Movies Over Summer Break - Movie #43

    Upon another watch, I like this movie. I don’t know why I didn’t appreciate it that much last time but I think this is my pick for best Eli Roth movie as a whole. Cabin Fever has bits and pieces that I love but also some parts that I hate. This was mostly stuff I liked. 

    It was a very solid horror film and a pioneering piece of genre in its era and the characters and gore really come together for me in a way I really enjoy. Hoping this grows on me even more.

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  • Where the Dead Go to Die

    Where the Dead Go to Die


    100 Movies Over Summer Break - Movie #42

    I couldn’t tell if this was a 1/2 or 5 star for the first half but honestly it ended up being closer to five but held down by a lot. This would honestly be a perfect crazy movie night pick if it wasn’t so graphic and disgusting and didn’t require every trigger warning. It was almost too much to be honest and I would like this more if it didn’t come off…

  • Cryptic Plasm

    Cryptic Plasm


    100 Movies Over Summer Break - Movie #33

    This. THIS is why I watch SOV horror. This utilizes and works with the format so well I couldn't imagine it NOT looking like this. It looks like shit. Beautiful, disgusting, Lovecraftian, Lynchian, bizarre shit.

    The inability to see things clearly and the homemade lo-fi aesthetic work in this movie's favor and I got actually frightened. I don't like the claustrophobic and hazy feeling you get from nightmares and subsequently this. And…