Tenet ★★★★

First experience back in the theaters in 30+ weeks (Little Women first time watch) and the employees didn’t know much of what to do and I was entirely alone in the theater throughout. There was no AC being used and the speakers had their questionable moments. 

Surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did. For my friends who love or hate this, I still don’t think this is the Second Coming. I just think it’s a fun vibed out action movies with hot people in gorgeously realized locations wearing stellar clothing talking about some mindless expository schlock. 

Hearing roughly 40% of the dialogue, I still got a large portion of the plot pretty well minus some bits of questionable movie logic. It’s not perfect, like parts of Interstellar a lot of the writing suffers from bland characters or strange one liners in dialogue. But also like Interstellar, the technical elements are immensely superb and the actors do brilliant work with what little meat they’re given. (I’ll say I found myself surprised by a scene near the end with its poignancy after nearly two and a half hours of clinical and sterile characters, even if the beat rings a bit familiar for those in tune to one of BBC’s television classics.)

Nolan hasn’t quite been forgiven yet for the sins of terribly written characters, dialogue, and falling into movie logic a bit too often. But he knows how to direct a film. 

“Oh, so I get it. It’s like James Bond...”