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  • The Big Lebowski
  • Daisies
  • The Holy Mountain
  • The Color of Pomegranates

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  • The Green Ray


  • A Time for Drunken Horses


  • North by Northwest


  • Ran


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  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    Fuck it, dude. Let's watch The Big Lebowski for the 798th time❤

  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    The world is full o' complainers. An' the fact is, nothin' comes with a guarantee. Now I don't care if you're the pope of Rome, President of the United States or Man of the Year; somethin' can all go wrong. Now go on ahead, y'know, complain, tell your problems to your neighbor, ask for help, 'n watch him fly. Now, in Russia, they got it mapped out so that everyone pulls for everyone else... that's the theory, anyway. But what I know about is Texas, an' down here... you're on your own.

    Coen brothers' first lines ❤