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  • Burnt Offerings

  • Terror Train

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  • Burnt Offerings

    Burnt Offerings

    Married couple Ben and Marian, their son Davey, and Ben’s Aunt Elizabeth rent a lavish, though slightly dilapidated mansion in the country for the summer at a bargain price. The only catch is that they have to take meals up to the door of the old woman who lives in a remote wing of the house and who enjoys her privacy. Unfortunately, there is another catch that they weren’t told about: the house itself is a vampire, and as the…

  • Terror Train

    Terror Train

    It’s strange that this movie’s existence isn’t some oft-repeated “did you know?” fact, since it’s a slasher movie released during the post-Halloween slasher craze that also stars Jamie Lee Curtis as the final girl. And yet somehow, before I watched it, I’d never seen or heard a single mention of it in my entire life!
    It starts at a frat party where some of the boys have pulled a hilarious prank on one of the nerds, whereby they trick him…

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  • Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

    Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris


    There are a lot of plot threads in this movie, so I’ll focus on the main stuff. More of the Gyaos monsters from the first movie keep showing up, and Gamera keeps fighting them. But Gamera’s fighting has gotten more aggressive and less considerate of human collateral damage over time. In the first big fight scene of the movie, he even shoots his fire breath through a building full of people because a Gyaos is on the other side of…

  • A Chinese Ghost Story

    A Chinese Ghost Story

    Ling, a down-on-his-luck travelling debt collector takes shelter in an old temple, which is mostly abandoned, save for the presence of a pair of feuding swordsmen and Siu, a mysterious and beautiful woman. Of course, the beautiful woman is a ghost, and even worse: she’s enslaved to an evil giant tree/tongue monster that drains the life out of people and turns them into zombies. Naturally, Ling and Siu fall in love. The love is inevitably doomed, what with one of…