Favorite films

  • Joan of Arc at the Stake
  • Boris Godounov
  • Moses and Aaron
  • Bluebeard's Castle

Recent activity

  • A Chump at Oxford


  • A Very Curious Girl


  • Peter Ibbetson


  • Princess Iron Fan

Recent reviews

  • A Chump at Oxford

    A Chump at Oxford


    Zeus, Zeus himself could not undo these nets
    Of stone encircling me. My mind forgets
    The person I have been along the way,
    The hated way of monotonous walls,
    Which is my fate. The galleries seem straight
    But curve furtively, forming secret circles
    At the terminus of years; and the parapets
    Have been worn smooth by the passage of days.
    Here in the tepid, alabaster dust,
    Are tracks that frighten me. The hollow air
    Of evening sometimes brings a bellowing,…

  • A Very Curious Girl

    A Very Curious Girl


    Prequel to Noroit?

Popular reviews

  • The 'Teddy' Bears

    The 'Teddy' Bears


    Brutal home invasion flick.

  • Spiral Jetty

    Spiral Jetty


    The first time I watched this (two years ago?) was late at night in the back room of a specialty salt facility. An old print on original film played through a rickety projector. The perfect way to experience this odd and inspiring semi-documentary. Smithson's deadpan delivery reminds me of listening to John Ashbery reading his poems aloud. I was enthralled.

    The film is fascinating companion to the monumental piece out in the Utah desert, which my father and I made…