Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

This is an instant favourite. 

It hit every note it needed to hit over and over again. Carey Mulligan gives a captivating performance that left me charmed and frightened all at once and I hope she gets the nomination she deserves. It is definitely my favourite performance of 2020, though I haven’t seen Nomadland or Minari so it may change, and one I will rave about to my friends at work. 

I’ve been looking forward to watching this movie for a good few months now. It was first prompted by seeing some reviews of it come out over the course of the year and mainly through NextBestPicture. It’s hard for a film to live up to this much hype but it actually surpassed it.

The film is about many things and the main synopsis is just a side plot for me as this is about Cassie reconnecting to people after such a long time distancing herself due to incidents I won’t spoil. The journey that she goes on is a real rollercoaster. If you haven’t seen this just go and see it because it is amazing. 

I’ll write a review of it when it releases for me to actually own it in a few months. Though I may end up watching it a few times before then. I haven’t had a reaction to a film like that for a very long time. Just WOW.

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