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  • The Celebration

    The Celebration


    A 12-year old rewatch, I had this on a list of my all-time favorite films, though I'll just have to settle to the fact that the first watch is one of my all-timers. I suppose the guttural reaction I had to this film back then was impossible to be replicated, even if Vinterberg made me go through some phenomenal moments of anxiety/laughter during a good stretch on the middle part. It's actually amazingly prescient, but having no clue that the…

  • The Breadwinner

    The Breadwinner


    Heartbreaking worldbuilding and lead character, astonishing in its depiction of women's place in that side of the world and yet, the tenderness naturally associated with an animation helps the film's overall tone to soften just enough so it doesn't feel like it is wallowing on misery. Watched without any preparation, I was instant and firmly gripped throughout the first act. Unfortunately, much as I can understand the reasoning behind the interludes to Parvana's storytelling, they feel just like that -…

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  • On Golden Pond

    On Golden Pond

    You guys, this film is a hidden gem of a bomb. Jane Fonda is only in about eight scenes total, four of them seem to have been designed to display her smoking hot MILF body. In the other four, she:

    1) gets called fat by her father and sulks;
    2) calls her father a son of a bitch to Hepburn;
    3) calls him a son of a bitch again (once was not enough, come on), and then gets slapped in…

  • Mustang



    I would place this one a smidge behind Mia Madre and Carol as the year's most beautiful ending. All three end in such perfect notes of sorrowful optimism, shining a light in each of their protagonist's faces after we witness their struggle in a world full of darkness (a darkness that hurts, but disorients them above all). It's actually kind of cruel how I was thrown back to the real world so harshly at the screening of all three films,…