• Infinitum: Subject Unknown

    Infinitum: Subject Unknown



    Thank god it was fucking short, 'cause it was dull and awful.

    On the brighter side, I will never criticize Sir Ian McKellen for getting an easy pay.

  • Miss & Mrs. Cops

    Miss & Mrs. Cops



    It has the style of many South Korean comedies, and the chemistry between the leads is natural despite the marked difference in ages.
    However, it has a serious drawback and that has to do with how it handles the times of its own narrative.

    The subject the film exposes is very serious, a grave one in South Korea, but because this is a comedy, in points that it shouldn't, it tries to be too funny, and where it should…

  • Sometime Other Than Now

    Sometime Other Than Now



    Hallmark level melodrama.

  • The Last Cruise

    The Last Cruise



    Here's to me, for never wanting to get on a cruise ship.

  • The Man Standing Next

    The Man Standing Next



    I found it quite interesting. The intrigue is very good, although I couldn't help but feel that I needed some kind of prior knowledge to experience better what I was seeing.

    The Man Standing Next is also more slower than I would've liked, but it never lost my attention.

    It's pretty well elaborated, especially the feeling of the time in which the story unfolds, and the performance of its protagonist Lee Byung-hun is quite solid, I just feel that it lacked more punch and better co-stars for its lead actor.

  • Killerman




    Whoever lied to Liam Hemsworth and told him that he could handle a character like this was cruel and ruthless.
    And if he believed it himself, it's even worse.

    Because the film is totally disposable, just like the script, but Hemsworth is terrible.

  • Battle of Jangsari

    Battle of Jangsari



    It's more show than a true war film.
    And the performances were utterly disappointing.

  • System Crasher

    System Crasher



    There's a better story buried in what this failed, but decent movie ends up proposing.

    The plot is efficient because of young Helena Zengel's wonderful performance, but this plot also suffers from an excessive and misguided idealism.

    It's one thing for you to believe in the situation posed by the narrative, and quite another to understand that this girl needs some kind of medication instead of a therapy like the one we see being applied to her.

    Because this…

  • Thunder Force

    Thunder Force



    Melissa McCarthy has created and maintained a career in which she often repeats her comedy style, and only mixes it up a bit considering what the plot is about.

    And it was to be expected that she would try a story like this.

    She and her husband are a constant source of mediocrity in everything they have done together. This is nothing different.

    Octavia Spencer appears to be having fun without guilt, but this is clearly done for McCarthy to be the one to stand out.

  • By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture

    By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture



    I never understood what this movie was trying to do.
    I just know that what it tried was bad.

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat



    A few days ago I saw some comments on Twitter from some people who are upset about the length of the new film that has already been released internationally.
    This is because according to them, the characters will not have enough time to develop.

    Apparently Zack Snyder's Justice League led them to believe that all movies should be 4 hours long, if not longer.

    And I thought about that because after seeing the original again, and considering what I've…

  • Nobody




    It earned the points because basically since the beginning, Nobody makes it clear that it will not try to fool anyone into believing that there is more than what you see.

    Nobody doesn't come to reinvent anything, and at no time does it seek to do that.

    This is old-fashioned action. Tough and direct, without concessions and without apologies.

    I didn't quite buy into Bob Odenkirk's badass performance, but he knows what he's aiming for, and gets the movie off the ground.

    What can I say? From time to time, movies like this one are necessary to relieve some stress.