System Crasher ★★★


There's a better story buried in what this failed, but decent movie ends up proposing.

The plot is efficient because of young Helena Zengel's wonderful performance, but this plot also suffers from an excessive and misguided idealism.

It's one thing for you to believe in the situation posed by the narrative, and quite another to understand that this girl needs some kind of medication instead of a therapy like the one we see being applied to her.

Because this movie certainly points to that girl's desire for liberation, but for her to be loose in the world like that, it's not a positive thing for her in any way, because there's no question that you have to admit it - and the movie does, slightly though - that there are other more serious difficulties to consider.

System Crasher is an stimulating movie that doesn't fit all of its pieces together, but it does raise interesting questions about the system and its blatant inability to handle cases like these.
Because how many children like this were, and are lost in it?

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