To what extent can you love the woman who gave you life, when she has limited herself to giving you a miserable existence?

We do not choose our parents nor the home we born into, and so our love for them is somewhat a predetermined state, even in the face of abuse.

Mother is a film in which one of its main characters, simply couldn't be called that, at least beyond the simple fact of giving birth, but she doesn't nurture, because her life is a constant chaotic vortex, that only satisfies her needs while she brutally neglects her child.

Yet Mother, is a dual film, because in one side it's shows the clear problem about parental abuse, and the obvious results of a broken family life. But it's also a drama about the toxic relationship of dependency the mother has built with her son through the abuse.

I must tell you that this is a heavy film. There's not a single moment of happiness in it or something that reflects hope, but I think it's a very good film
Just keep in mind that it's a sad and bleak story.