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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I'm still turning my head over trying to decipher and understand what I saw.

This movie no doubt comes to mess with what an art film represents and what it can mean for people who do not consume or enjoy these types of movies.

After all, it has been called boring, tedious, pretentious, overrated, and yes also a masterpiece. And let's be honest, all those things may be fair depending on what each person is looking for in a movie.

And yet how can I review this movie? Honestly I'm still not sure, even while I'm writing this.
I have my interpretation, and I'm pretty sure of it.

Primarily, A Ghost Story is all about contemplation. A dense contemplation.

We have about 15 minutes to meet our protagonists. We know they love each other, they are together, and they seem to be happy, but that life disappears when Cassey Affleck's character dies in an accident.
What follows now is the contemplation of the loss, the grief and the mourning.

We watch Rooney Mara's character continuing with her life while the ghost of Casey's character follows her tirelessly until she finally leaves the house they both shared.

The following are other points of reflection but they feed on a singular point which is strongly focused on mortality and our own legacy, our own significance and our own irrelevance, is a strong and solid meditation on love, anguish, memories, loneliness and continuation, what we lived, what we felt, what we loved and what we lost.

It is a teaching. And maybe it leaves the message that eventually, if there really is an afterlife, and if we are to follow that unknown path, maybe everything we build throughout our lives will mean nothing when we get to that end, but they meant something while we lived, and therefore that's the message of this movie with that final scene. Moving on after remembering what made you live in the first place.
Closure for our souls, maybe someday we'll all experience it somehow, who knows?

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