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  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    2021’s 81st movie • 54/100

    While American Psycho may have a decent screenplay and some quotable dialogues, nothing really happens throughout the movie. Most of the scenes are pointless, and 80% of the movie consists of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) having extremely dumb and explicit conversations, f***ing women and killing many people.

    It reminds me of Christopher Nolan’s movies, who is definitely my least favorite well-known director. The main character literally murders people and nothing really happens to him, something absolutely unrealistic. Basically, the conclusion is subjective and that’s something I particularly hate in movies. It’s just not for me.

  • To Be or Not to Be

    To Be or Not to Be


    2021’s 80th movie • 95/100

    Have you ever noticed how movies when made representing their current historical situation are, most of the times, incredible and, sometimes, even magical? That is the case with To Be or Not to Be, a movie that could never be remade simply because the interesting point about it is the historical situation everybody in the world was facing at the time it was made, including all of the actors.

    This movie’s production was started before…

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  • Norma Rae

    Norma Rae


    2021’s 79th movie • 86/100

    Norma Rae... what can I say about this movie?! The title character is perhaps one of the most admirable women I’ve ever seen on screen. She’s so incredibly likable and it’s impossible for you to not root for her during the movie. She’s the perfect representation of a fighter – it’s clear that she’s not influenceable and she sticks to what she believes in. That is the type of character I want to see in…

  • Cruella



    2021’s 68th movie • 61/100
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    Okay... so this was entertaining but tremendously predictable. I felt even before the movie started that Disney would empower Cruella and ignore the fact that she is as mean as the movie’s actual villain. She didn’t even wear a single fur coat during any of the movie’s scenes. No, I don’t think that’s bad and I totally understand that the original character was created in 1956, 65…