Greta ★★★½

I wish this had screened at MIFF or anywhere else where I could've watched it with a big audience who were tuned in to moments of what felt to me like delicious, hilarious camp. Instead I had to stifle my guffaws as Isabelle Huppert appeared suddenly in a window or was carted away in a straitjacket to the dramatic strains of an overblown score. Watching this with a small collection of stony-faced strangers made the Greta experience a bit less fun than I was hoping for, and to be honest I think the film itself is not quite as outrageous as it should be to really make this kind of schlocky storyline work. But it has its moments (both of hilarity and suspense), its fantasy world of designer-dressed labyrinthine Manhattan looks gorgeous, and Maika Monroe's character arc is wonderfully unexpected.

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