listening to my parents watch this in the living room above me. totally against my will it is emotionally affecting me in a big way like fully taking me back to the 9th grade headspace i was in when i was really into this and consuming reams of fanfiction for it (if you feel the need to make fun of me, don't, because some of you were on 4chan saying the 14 words at that age don't think i don't know lol). it's so evil it's making me incredibly upset. i don't think there's been another artwork this decade that's reached these dizzying heights of perfectly crafted emotional manipulation. this was absolutely a reaction to ferguson and baltimore, a transparent attempt to channel the righteous revolutionary fury of a generation of dispossessed black youth into renewed reverence for empire. and the problem with it is that it's really really good. the wordplay alone is stunning the songs slap the story arc is incredibly compelling. don't fucking laugh at this because it's "cringe" politics are not an aesthetic this is a dangerously well-made piece of propaganda (unless you're black in which case ofc you don't need my permission to engage with it however the fuck you want). genuinely the way some of you posture on twitter with your dumbass quote-tweet dunks makes me want to scream. you are absolutely no different than the liberal clowns who think making drumpf jokes is activism you just have worse taste in podcasts. back to the actual play it fucking hates women especially black women and the fact that it got acclaimed as somehow feminist is just... 2015-2016 was the nadir of neoliberal pop feminism huh. i do not discount what this musical has done for the careers of actors of color i just think that maybe it's a little psychopathic to expect them to be grateful to this play for it?? i'm not fifteen anymore, i've grown up. i'm obviously still fucked up and incompetent and stupid in so many ways but at least i know this musical is bone-deep morally wrong. if you still think hamilton is woke or even morally neutral and you enjoy it from that standpoint i am begging you to do what i did four years ago and grow up too.

lin-manuel miranda, son of luis miranda, is a capitalist running dog and his wealth must be seized and redistributed to the people.

EDIT: ok looking over this review i definitely think i was too equivocal. there are so many people going "oh haha yeah this show is #problematic but it's soooo fun so i'm still gonna watch it" that is the point. you are being played and you are letting yourself be played. your willingness to prioritize having a good time over your responsibilities to your black and indigenous comrades is a massive character flaw; i do not care how uncomfortable that statement makes you. do not fucking watch this show even if you know how bad it is. if you say you're a "leftist" or "socialist" (both of which are at this point meaningless words that have been co-opted by liberal anticommunists who want to look cool online but whatever) or more pertinently if you say you support decolonization/the movement for black lives you HAVE to commit to divesting from imperialist propaganda. this includes superhero movies and it ABSOLUTELY includes this show. you cannot separate this show's political import from your enjoyment of it because its propaganda purpose is inextricably woven into every part of what makes it fun: the use of rap as a narrative form, the endearing characterizations of the founding fathers that make you root for them, the outstanding performers who are being used as racial tokens. "oh i guess your tiny sea slug brain is just incapable of enjoying things with politics you don't like" do not fucking patronize me you are not as smart as you think you are and even if you are miraculously somehow not taken in your public support of this show is going to attract people to it. that's on your hands. i am especially shamed to see white jews pulling this shit because we have been the targets of enjoyable "problematic" propaganda SO much throughout history and apparently we've just forgotten all of this now that it's happening to someone else. this isn't a joke or a fun installment in the American Culture Wars Show it's very dangerous and you all need to treat it accordingly.

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