Films with Immaculate / Innovative Sound Design

The following is a list of films which I feel have an immaculate and/or innovative use of sound design - particularly films whose soundtracks are used in distinctive ways that set the film apart from their normal/accustomed genres. 

My considerations: 
- interesting use of sound as spacial geography
- bold score and/or use of music which would otherwise ‘not work’ outside of the parameter’s of the film’s world/setting.
- films with an attention to detail to off-screen aspects which in turn paints a picture of the mood/genre, character traits and sense of foreshadowing/fear/exaggeration etc...
- general attention-to-detail bits and bobs and intimately recorded dialogue that places the audience right there in the scene
- a great sound mix obvs... (mono track films come right to the front please!) 

  • The Duke of Burgundy
  • Berberian Sound Studio
  • A Single Man
  • Lost Highway
  • You Were Never Really Here