Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

You cannot convince me that this isn't queer utopian futurist cinema. Not queer as in gay, but queer as in not straight. Time here is not an ever-marching straight arrow forward, but is bent and warped in order to create a better past, present, and future. Reconciling with personal histories, communal grief and overcoming that grief in the present, in order to create and mould a future for humanity.

There are some clunky moments and some of the dialogue is... bad, but I am willing to overlook all of this because this is the only superhero film to date that has actually made me feel any emotions (excluding the Unbreakable trilogy), and the emotions I was left with here were joyous! Don't tell me Cyborg's "I'm not broken and I'm not alone" didn't touch you at all, you unfeeling naysayers!

Honestly it makes me want to rewatch Snyder's entire ouvre to see if I was missing something all along, but I genuinely just believe that maybe he has turned into a filmmaker who actually has something to contribute and no, I will not revisit 300, thanks.

I loved it. I want to watch it again. And I don't care how many slow-mos there are if they are used as effectively as they are here. Also, love the nod to Peter Jackson with the 5 endings played consecutively.

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