Home ★★★★½


For lack of better words, this film hit so close to home for me. This is potent and powerful material that could have gone wrong in so many ways, but instead of going the melodramatic route, "Home" chooses raw, intimate and subtle storytelling as the way to go. Jake Mclaughlin is a revelation here, his quiet restraint, piercingly somber eyes and boiling rage all create a performance I will not soon forget. Though this is a very understated film, there are so many moments here that just feel so lived-in, that I will remember them for years to come. Though we build a love for this character of Marvin, writer/director Franka Potente (in one of the most exciting filmmaker debuts I've seen) never let's the audience forget the horrible things this character has done. But, we are also let into his soul, to really be given the option to forgive him, whether we do or don't... it's okay, and I love that about this movie. "Home" is an unforgettable character study about the power of familial bonds, the passage of time and forgiveness.

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