Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne ★★★½

Adrian Țofei made a very effective movie with this one.
Blending improv and scripted scenes together with little to no distinction made between the two creates a haunting piece of found footage cinema that personally had me both looking away from the screen and completely absorbed in what's going on. The acting by Țofei was seriously demented and really brillant and so were the rest of the cast in it, except for one time were I couldn't really judge wether this performance was taken the wrong approach for a scene like that, or if it was also jsut part of the "acting" itself.
I would say that there were times where things were shown in a very transparent way and the insisting on it didnt really help either, but there's serious talent and managment skill for what is shown and it seems to be so in control of its own narrative and decisions that its hard to really judge it based on it for me.
All I can say is that it effectively spooked me and I fear and love this man now!

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,I personally cant wait for what he's doing next after this lol.

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