Waves ★½

Black culture has become a universal phenomenon. Hip hop is the #1 genre in the world. White people wear dreadlocks (don't tell me the Vikings did it first). Even Fortnite has taken dances from black artists and sold them for a profit causing 10-year-old Nathans everywhere to mimic them. It seems like the world is getting "blacker" and "blacker", and I kind of hate it. It seems like black culture is being co-opted and commodified. How much of black culture do we let get taken before it isn't black anymore? Hip hop is the #1 genre in the world but has become a minstrel show in the process. White women pretend to be black on Instagram. The rate of white kids saying nigga is at an all-time high. They're even wearing durags now (where ya waves at?). The same white women who proclaim themselves "100% that bitch" by 23andMe results would piss themselves if they saw my cousin Ramere walking down the street at night. K-pop idols are out here taking black style like Elvis Presley, and what do they give in return?

A24's Waves is just another example thrown on top of the pile. Black "culture" has become so widespread that Trey Edward Shults is arrogant enough to think he knows all it encompasses, but he doesn't. This movie is sold as black culture, but it isn't and cramming an Antebellum auction block's worth of black men onto the soundtrack won't convince me otherwise. It needs to take the shoe polish off its face.

Barring all that, it isn't a good movie anyway. It's overly long and a complete fucking mess. It never seems to know what it wants to be, and the "2 movies in one" schtick doesn't work here. The 2nd half really fucking meanders and seems to prioritize "a e s t h e t i c" over anything else which wouldn't be a problem if the Tumblr, VSCO girl, student film aesthetic wasn't so annoying. If it's inclusion of black "culture" isn't trying to be cool then the Big Time Rush music video style vacation montages certainly are.

And I don't want to say too much about the ending but it had my eyes doing backflips in my head on some Simone Biles shit. It wants to be emotional so bad. Shit was cornier than ballerina feet. Also, Alexa Demie can't act.

To wrap up this disjointed ass "review" (rant), white art hoes and A2whores might like this one, but to me, this was a huge disappointment.

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