I'm 20, I drive a laptop, eat out of bins, and occasionally watch fîłmés.

Favorite films

  • Magnolia
  • Once Upon a Time in America
  • The Thing
  • Lost Highway

Recent activity

  • Drag Me to Hell


  • The Night House


  • The Many Saints of Newark


  • Miami Vice


Recent reviews

  • Manhunter



    I wish I was enamoured with the sensory overload a lot of people seem to feel but with only a few moments reaching that euphoric blend of dreamy visuals and synths I can say that this is not the sum of its parts. Petersen's Will Graham is driven by his stoicism and reserved demeanor when pursuing the case, making for a rather cold viewing experience with the film's attention to mundane procedural work. There's an implied darker side, the link…

  • Candyman



    Everything noteworthy about Candyman can be attributed to Nia DaCosta and everything wrong can be pinned on Jordan Peele, a man already teetering on self-parody. Pretty but patronising, the crunching kills and looming atmosphere of the titular slasher legend, always an omnipresent figure despite a disappointingly underused Tony Todd, showcase that DaCosta certainly has the directorial flourishes to helm a horror film but it's unfortunately bogged down by Peele's thudding obviousness, distorting the original's social commentary through a "2021-ified" lens…

Popular reviews

  • Monkey Up

    Monkey Up

    Please stop liking this

  • Moulin Rouge!

    Moulin Rouge!

    Luhrmann does Luhrmann - but this time, a messier blender of mismatched musical choices, covered dreadfully and tonally jumpy in abrupt cross-cutting with one another. Typical oppressive technical freneticism with Luhrmann's distaste for any comprehensible spatial composition shown by his stylistic forte in cluttering the screen beyond visual repair, rapid-fire pacing through the film's plot points and barrage of exposition in the first act, his pantomime direction - consistently getting the most histrionic actors to perform soapy melodrama screeched at…