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  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear


    I remember the first time I realized someone actually made the shows I watched, when as a kid my mom told me that someone wrote my favorite shows. it’s not that I thought what i watched on tv was real, but there was a certain sense of wonder associated with film and tv for me, and at that moment, i felt destroyed. i felt lied to, and i genuinely associated that with the end of my childhood mindset. but it…

  • An Unmarried Woman

    An Unmarried Woman


    (rec from sam) HOOOOOOOLY FUCK this AMAZING. As an ace aro person, I find myself drawn to stories about people struggling to be independent. I know in my heart i don't need to fall in love to be happy, but relying on others is often easier than dealing with yourself. what i love about this film is that it highlights the new found time you have to reconcile with yourself, instead of the loss of love that comes with divorce.…

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  • Save Ralph

    Save Ralph

    i know this really isn’t for me lol but if you needed this to tell you animal testing is bad, fusk you lol

  • Mainstream



    idk about y’all but i actually think this had a decently unique take on internet culture like i feel like this is more about the internet gravitating to bad ppl and less abou the internet bringing out the worst in people or fueling mental illness, and i also think the idea of this being a big internet thing as opposed to a singular viral event is cool too!!! also that lighting is so sexy omg gia coppola you’re the best