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Favorite films

  • The Spine of Night
  • Giorgino
  • Curse of the Blood
  • Empress of Darkness

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  • Sword of the Beast


  • Three Outlaw Samurai


  • Pig


  • Death Weekend


Recent reviews

  • Exorcist II: The Heretic

    Exorcist II: The Heretic


    I found myself wondering how much of the extremely negative overreaction to this comes from Boorman's absolute refusal to play into an argument for Catholic traditionalism that the original film's visceral 'Satan is real' angle could so easily be read with. The Exorcist is, of course, a fantastically constructed and iconic film, but a lot of its 'scariest film ever made' reputation is surely rooted in it coming from a cultural moment where the shift towards a (slightly) more secular…

  • The Eyes of Children

    The Eyes of Children


    The recent revelation of the 215 children found in unmarked graves at the 'school' that is the focus of this short documentary brought this to my attention. The ostensible premise here is preparation for Christmas at the Kamloops 'residential school,' part of an intentional cultural genocide project that the Canadian government partnered with the Vatican mission Oblates of Mary Immaculate to oversee.

    It is, of course, absolutely chilling, both for the oppressive forced indoctrination, but also since the doc was…

Popular reviews

  • The Possessed

    The Possessed


    Apparently considered an early giallo film, it feels more akin to an arthouse Film Noir than that might lead you to believe. And that's not just because of the shadowy black and white photography - there's a pervasive sense of resigned nihilism and an introspective protagonist's narration. Things quickly move towards territory more associated with Carnival of Souls or maybe Bergman's Hour of the Wolf - howling wind permeates throughout, dreams are consumed by an apocalyptic score, and the unsolvable…

  • Violence Voyager

    Violence Voyager


    The paper-puppet and real-fluids style is fantastically realized on a technical level - I can't imagine watching this and not wanting to immediately try to make something like it - and the Horror Manga / Adult Swim kind of goopy cult monster weirdness is just glorious, if you're at all into that kind of thing. It's a living body-horror children's picture book, and I thought it was wonderful - I've never seen anything quite like it. I want to recommend…