Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

2019 Ranked

Had an absolute blast with this film. Has some pretty startling moments, great character driven dialogue, and heaps of fun to be had. I was laughing a ton at the film, and I am really happy I was able to watch it.

Surprisingly, even with all the funny moments, goofy characters, and general disregard for humanizing most of the stupid rich people, the film is able to successfully create two extremely compelling arcs out of the characters of Daniel and Alex. This definitely is helped along by some wonderful performances, especially by Daniel's actor.

Samara Weaving is excellent in the film. A great iconic horror scream, agony that is portrayed beautifully on screen by her, and a transformation into a badass that is only successful because of her acting chops. All of these qualities are highlighted by some great cinematography and soundtrack. Catch this in theatres if you can.

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