Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 ★★★½

This is the only one of the trilogy I hadn't seen multiple times, but I remember being super impressed in theaters when I saw it 5 years ago. Unfortunately on rewatch I don't think it holds its own to either of its predecessors. It's still a very fun movie and a really enjoyable experience, but its filled to the brim with bad filler sequences and the jokes feel really worn out in this entry.

I really want to like the Panda village and the characters that inhabit it, but its mostly filled with a pretty compelling family dynamic story line surrounded by a bunch of nothing side characters.

That being said, the voice work is top quality once again, as well as the animation. And the main theme for the villain? Breathtaking. So while this may be the weakest of the trilogy, it is still pretty damn good.

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